WebApp Pilot 1.0

Solar plant

Power supply: 1.12 kW

Power production: 4.25 kWh/day


Power: 150 W

H2 production: 300 ml/min

O2 production: 150 ml/min

Blockchain valorisation system

Power: 970 W

BTC production: 0.38 mBTC / day

Hashrate: 200 MH/S

Financial feasibility data

Blockchain virtual batteries

Electricity valorisation ratio: 0.1835 €/Kwh

Hydrogen valorisation ratio: 6.06 €/Kg




12009 kWh

Current charge

Current value: 2203.65 €

Predicted payback: 7.7 months

Projected final value: 11728 €

Projected ROI: 212.76%

Innovation research on medical application

State-of-art & Research report

Hydrogen potentials and clinical effects in medical treatments

Coming up soon

Engineering report

Prospective analysis of hydrogen technologies for implementation in health centers

Coming up soon

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