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Market validation report

It’s been three weeks since we initiated the validation phase, and we have the first metrics and insights about the market of hydrogen technologies! You can read them in our market validation report:

Global market validation

Two weeks ago we started the Kickstarter campaign to reach and measure the interest of worldwide public opinion about our solution in renewable energy storage and valorisation systems. For now we have reached 5 founders and 30 – 40 people, companies and public institutions which are somehow interested in the project, but we are still far from the campaign funding goal.

On the other hand, the Google AdWords campaign reached 350.000 impressions and 123 visits each day to our website and Kickstarter website (2600 visits in three weeks), which stands for 0,74% interested people at global level in English language and most related words like “solar battery” and “hydrogen fuel cell“. We also registered 1065 visits to our store and 15 tries to get a reservation of our product (clicks on the 'add to cart' button).

That data give us the insight that massive market implantation of hydrogen technologies is growing in global interest (82% of global popularity, according to Google Trends), but it is already unknow for corporation statements and the majority of people we can reach, in terms of renewable energy knowledge (35% of popularity in Spain). Difficulties related to COVID pandemic and its economic crisis are relevant in this case, but green investments are still the best way to overcome these challenges, so it seems to be required bigger investment in education, learning initiatives and marketing to be able to growth more interest in the project and increase the market scope and sales..

Founding validation

Here they are the good news: we have recently reached the funding objective! In addition to Kickstarter, we could reach additional founders which really trust in the project and us, so we can continue to the design phase and make our project demo! That will allow us, for the next coming months, to keep on advancing our developments in the new H2Ce technologies to come, with the purpose of scaling the project to the next level and get support for the prototype phase development.

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