Frequently asked questions

What is a hydrogen-based virtual battery?

It is an energy storage system which takes remotely the data from a renewable energy facility, consumes the exact amount of energy being produced and not consumed and stores it in a hydrogen storage system. When the energy is required, a fuel cell transforms the hydrogen back to energy producing water as the only by-product.

I have listened hydrogen can explode, and it is very dangerous. Is it safe?

Hydrogen facilities are as safe or even more secure than many other pressurized fluid installations, for example natural gas or butane. According to the European Directive 2014/68/EU, hydrogen installations and their storage tanks must be reviewed and certified through periodic exhaustive inspections, in order to guarantee they are in perfect maintenance conditions.


Do I have to install a hydrogen tank in my home?

No, you don't have to. We provide our renewable energy storage services remotely, so you can have the benefits of renewable energy storage systems without the disadvantages of physical installation.


I do not own a renewable energy facility. Can I have a virtual battery?

Of course you can! You will have the same benefits as any other renewable energy producer, with the only difference that you will not be able to add the renewable energy you produce to valorise the surpluses.


How do you give the stored energy back?

We provide the cost of each kWh stored back to our customers, so that income can be used in fuelling hydrogen cars, paying the electricity bill, recharging electric vehicles, etc. That way we encourage to reduce and replace the pollutant energy sources with the benefits of our clean energy alternative.


How do you manage isolated renewable energy systems?

We provide the same benefits as any other renewable energy producer, so we make it up for the use of any other solutions in isolated renewable systems by giving a zero or near-zero energy balance. Since we initially provide solutions for electrical distribution networks, we do not focus on physical renewable energy systems in isolated facilities... but there are other interesting solutions, for example including a recycling reconditioned batteries service to meet that need.



How do you measure remotely renewable energy production?

If you own a telemetry device, we can measure it directly in a machine to machine solution by cloud-computing. If not, you will have the same benefits as any other renewable energy producer, but you will have to install an electricity telemeter to valorise the renewable energy surpluses.



How do you valorise renewable energy surpluses?

We use them in production processes that require that energy, so surpluses are valorised by reducing energy costs in other facilities, selling the hydrogen and oxygen which are being produced or monetizing it directly by selling the energy.