Innovation in renewable energy storage systems

Hydrogen to Cloud Energy. 

Cloud-based energy storage systems in combination with fuel cell hydrogen powerplants.



Cloud-based energy storage systems

Get the benefits of renewable energy storage systems without the costs of physical installations.


Software development

We offer specific and customized software solutions for your renewable energy installations and powerplants.

Hydrogen marketplace

Get in touch with hydrogen technologies suppliers and potential customers by suscribing to our marketplace.

Engineering, procurement and contracts

Need more escalation? We provide the custom solution you need.



Stable and optimized energy supply

Smooth and precise control over 24 / 7 renewable energy production, so the exact amount of energy required  at every moment is produced.

Valorisation of energy surpluses

Store all the renewable energy you produce and use it when you need it, valorising the surpluses to money when the facility is not in use.

Savings in energy bills

Store renewable energy when it is cheaper, then use the electricity at that price at any moment of the day and get great savings.

Environmental friendly technology

A clean alternative to fossil fuels where the only by-product is water, helping to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases and achieving an environmentally-friendly and sustainable future.




From our first patent in 2015 to the edge of technology. 

From 2015 to 2017 we designed and patented the first high-efficiency hydrogen energy storage system, developed with Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and desalination capacity to produce drinkable water and power a cogeneration cycle, so it can also be used in industrial processes which require thermal energy. We aim for further and great developments to take the hydrogen technologies to the full development and readiness with our next project.


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